For most people buying a home is one of the biggest decisions they will take in their lives. You would imagine that a considerable amount of research time would be put into this process in order to ensure that the final decision is the right one. Yet some recent research shows that the average home viewer in the UK takes only 38 minutes to decide whether or not to buy a property. This does not mean that the total amount of time spent investigating options is so long, rather it is a reflection of the amount of information available online, enabling house hunters to do much of their research activities in front of the computer.

Estate Agents Call to Action - Details Needed!

Estate agents, such as those at Beercock Wiles & Wick, must ensure that they have as much available information to show prospects virtually as possible, or risk losing out to their competitors. Prospects are looking for not only great quality photos from all aspects, but high-definition video as well. They are looking for an estate agent site that has a variety of different media options and has easy, clickable links to other relevant information. For example, what are the employment opportunities in the area, what school catchment area does the property fall within and how are transport links? In particular, would-be Londoners are looking for proximity to underground stations, or local bus lines.

It's All in the Details

Council tax band rates can vary substantially from community to community, so this information should be readily available. It's a sad fact of life, but crime rates across the country may well affect whether a viewer would be interested in a certain property or not. Full disclosure is paramount and the fewer the number of hoops the estate agent expects the prospective buyer to jump through the better! The previous purchase history associated with the property should be displayed prominently, as should a listing of similar properties that have sold in the nearby vicinity over the last six months.

Two Viewings are Better than One

Nevertheless, while it may only take a short amount of time for viewers to decide on a particular property once armed with the information,  two thirds of people will still want to view the house on at least two occasions before making an offer. Only 10% make their decision after just one viewing, with 30% deciding that they need at least three visits before they are happy.

The research also shows that it doesn't seem to matter how much the property is actually worth, as those making an offer to buy a property worth more than £500,000 still only take, on average, 40 minutes to make their decision, two minutes longer. The same philosophy, evidently extends across income brands relative to the scale of the decision.